Welcome to UMW!

You made it past orientation and are now working toward beginning your college experience here at UMW. Congrats! And welcome, again, from your peer mentor. Your first year can be amazing, stressful, disorienting, and wonderful, but that all comes and goes with the time you spend here.

I want to remind you guys again to feel free when reaching out to me or any of your mentors – OLs, RAs, NEST leaders, JFMC leaders, etc. – if you have concerns or questions about how you’re adjusting so far. No time is too soon to ask. It’s the middle of July and I guarantee I will get to you within a day regardless. My job this year is making sure you all are comfortable where you are from the get-go. Email me at lmccuist at mail dot umw dot edu if you need to reach me.

At any rate, I’m starting off the semester a little early so you can get some traction under your feet before you hit the ground running. In other words, posts will be coming at you soon. I’m going to start off by putting together some packing and moving tips for you to get started with, for those of you moving on-campus. Even if you’re commuting, I will be offering some supplies tips for the semester, so I would recommend taking a look anyway.

Check back here over the next few weeks if you don’t know where to start with the upcoming semester! Hopefully what you find on this blog thread will be useful, if not a life-saver. I also encourage you to comment, email, tweet, what-have-you if you want clarification, extra tips, or a little perspective. I’m here for you. That’s my job.

Enjoy the rest of your July!