The JFMC and You: Getting Past the Language Requirement

As stated before, foreign language textbooks can be some of the priciest you encounter. You’ve already taken the placement tests, and no doubt some of you wondered why there were only a few languages available to place in. Some of you may already know another language or two. If the goal is to make everyone know at least one other language, how do you prove to the university you already speak another language or even a few languages?

This is a little-known fact across campus, but your solution isn’t to take one of UMW’s offered languages. Actually, you can head over to the James Farmer Multicultural Center (JFMC) and let them know you technically fill this requirement. They will take you through the process of being exempt from needing four semesters of a language from there.

The JFMC is a staple in UMW’s student living, so don’t be afraid of stopping in and asking questions about UMW and how to better figure out what you’re doing. The people working in this center are really nice and helpful, and some are students! They have a lot of tools and knowledge for any students who have questions either specific to multicultural affairs on campus or generally regarding campus life.


Not much information here, but this bit is so important to highlight and isn’t nearly discussed enough. Even if you don’t need to get an exemption for language classes, just stop by the JFMC and talk to the folks there. You might learn something new! As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’m here for you first and foremost.