Fun Stuff


Monsterkind (Fantasy)

SAKANA (Slice of Life)

Saint for Rent (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Postcards in Braille (Slice of Life)

Check, Please! (Fiction)

Hark! a vagrant (Comic Strips, Historical/Literary)

Romantically Apocalyptic (Sci-Fi Apocalypse)

Paranatural (Fantasy)

Gingerhaze (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Emily Carroll (Horror)

Pictures for Sad Children (Comic Strips, Dark Humor)


ChristopherOdd (Entertainment – Let’s Plays)

Crash Course (Educational)

Mental Floss (Educational)

Rooster Teeth (Entertainment)

MacDoesIt (Entertainment)

lacigreen (Educational)


Welcome to Night Vale (Horror, Comedy)

The Adventure Zone (Dungeons and Dragons)

Off Topic (Discussion)

My Brother, My Brother, And Me (Discussion, Advice)

Free Audiobooks

Librivox (on YouTube and in the App Store!)


Hamilton (Historical)

Assassins (Historical)

Fun Home (Biography)

In the Heights (Slice of Life)

Spring Awakening (Historical)