Hey, my name is Lindsey (she/her) and I’m an American Studies major/Digital Studies minor at UMW. I’m also your Peer Mentor for this semester as you explore your FSEM, Beyond the Selfie! You can get in touch with me if you need any help with class, campus life, or any questions you have regarding school. I’m also a Writing Center consultant, so you can find me in the Writing Center (4th floor of the HCC, to the right of the elevator) during my hours if you need help with papers! I also hang out there quite a bit, too, so you might just catch me loitering if you pop in.

If you need to get in touch with me, send me an email (lmccuist at umw.edu), a private message in Slack, or a tweet (@ThatGreenApple or @lmccuist0)!

Picture of me, located in the Writing Center
Lindsey McCuistion (muh-CUE-stun)

A little about me: I’m a big fan of webcomics, YouTube, Hamilton (actually my thesis topic), and dogs. All dogs. I live off campus, but I’ll be nearby if you need to meet with me for any reason. I’m also left-handed, but terrible at art, so I am skeptical of the left-hand right-brain theory.

One other fun fact is that I’ve taken not one, but two classes from your professor, Dr. McClurken. So, if you have any questions or concerns about how you’re performing in his class, how his assignments work, or the best ways to take notes and study, I can help you out. I intend on doing study groups during the semester, too, but I’ll let you guys know how that works later on.

I’m also going to be holding various events throughout the semester. Once you all have your syllabus, I will get in touch and let you know what kinds of events I’ve got planned. If you have any suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them! Events will tentatively include: movie nights, study sessions, downtown get-togethers, and online activities. Since your FSEM is a digital-based class, I’ll be incorporating as many online activities as I can find. (Maybe some of them will be educational, but a lot of them will be semi-related and mostly fun.)

As far as class is concerned, I will periodically be making blog posts regarding the topics we are covering. Some stuff will just be extra material you can look at and bring into class, others will be questions or information that might help facilitate discussion. You’ll find those under the Class Posts tab. Additionally, I will be in class at times, but I don’t yet know how often that will be.

Image of my dog Tobi with a pipe in his mouth (it's not lit, don't worry).
My dog Tobi

I can’t wait to meet you all this semester! Welcome to UMW!


In case you’re lost, here’s some links for course materials:

Class site


McClurken.org¬†(Dr. McClurken’s main site)






Banner photo courtesy of yours truly, July 2012.